2021 OPEN!

    It was hard to pick just one place in Europe.
    But with co-founder Yuichi's love of Scotch whisky in mind, there was no doubt that the first Bohemian had to be on Islay!

    The plan is to convert a small bungalow into the "Bohemian Shack", where one would find a world-class collection of Scotch set up in an environment curated purely for the enjoyment of Scotch - the right furniture, the right sound system, the right records on vinyl, the right lighting, the right fireplace.

    We seek to make a legendary space where any Scotch lover cannot stand to miss in their lifetime.

    Then - from the shack into a castle!

    Islay has several old castles still standing, and our dream is to earn enough trust from locals and be bequeathed with one of them to convert into a Bohemian Castle!

    We are currently negotiating for a ‘shack'.
    Please stay tuned for updates.

    Bohemian Shack

    Islay Island,Scotland 2021 open