2023 OPEN!

    "Without the rain, there would be no rainbow."
    The breeze is colorful here on the Big Island of Hawaii, where the old and new worlds of Polynesia are intertwined.

    The upcoming Bohemian spot here can be found on the west side, in South Kona.

    With the rustic Aloha Theater and a coffee farm as its neighbors and giant mango trees to provide shade, this heavenly hideout will be the perfect place to take in the peaceful emerald green sea, sunsets, rainbows and ocean breeze.

    The new organic restaurant will feature fresh fruits and vegetables grown at the company's own BOHEMIAN FARM, and will allow customers to enjoy the bounty of nature on the Big Island of Hawaii to their heart's content.

    2022, construction is still underway.
    Updates for the opening date will be announced on this website, so stay tuned.