This is the first of Play Earth’s secret bases in the world. It was fitting to start our project in our home country.

    Here we have created a space adorned with a meticulous curation of Japanese crafts made by artisans we admire.

    We are sure to please you with every element, from the interior and exterior to the food and drink.

    When in Japan, we want be surrounded by the wonderful things Japan has to offer, in this secret base where mischievous adults of all creeds get together.

    Feel free to make special requests for food, drink, music, and private party settings. We will strive to make them a reality.

    By the way, our place is not open to the public, and new guests must be introduced by existing patrons.

    If you do not have a referral but still wish to visit us, please email us (here) with a short introduction of yourself.
    Should the stars align, we will get in touch with you.

    See you at our secret base.